In 2011, our typical residential customer spent about the same per day for gas or electricity as they would to buy a sub sandwich.

For just a few dollars a day, electricity lights your way and powers your day, while natural gas helps warm your nights and cook your meals. In 2011, a typical Consumers Energy residential customer paid about:

  • $3.01 per day for natural gas
  • $2.80 per day for electricity

That’s about the same price as a sub sandwich, plus we deliver 24/7. To see how much you are paying each day for energy, look at the “Electric Cost Per Day” or “Natural Gas Cost Per Day” item on your bill.

See what Consumers Energy does for you and how we spend your energy dollars at

Here are a few tips to help you get even more from the money you spend on energy.

  • Make sure you are on the right rate and are taking advantage of any applicable credits. We offer several credits for residential customers, including low-income, senior, farm and life-support. See the back of your bill.
  • Save energy and money with energy efficiency products and services that reduce your use of electricity and natural gas. We offer rebates and incentives for electric and natural gas customers.
  • Save time and money when you receive and pay your bill online using our convenient options such as eBill, Direct Pay and Recurring Card Payments, with bills automatically charged to your Visa® or MasterCard® each month. You also can better manage your household budget with our Budget Plan program that offers equal monthly payments.


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