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Count On Us: Powered by Michelle Mitchell and Consumers Energy

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Copy of EK hands raised (2)

EmPOWERed-Kids-Class_Img048For more than 15 years, education programs administrator Michelle Mitchell has empowered K-6 grade students to become energy experts. Learn how she is preparing the next generation of natural gas and electric safety ambassadors below.

How has Consumers Energy pioneered energy safety?

Safety has always been Consumers Energy’s number one priority – it’s engrained in everything that we do. In addition to keeping our employees safe, we have a duty and obligation to do the same for our communities. What better way to do so than to empower kids to be our biggest advocates?

Always eager to learn and share, we’ve learned that if you teach kids about energy safety, they will enthusiastically share what they learned with their families. Teachers in Consumers Energy territory schools can take advantage of two free classroom presentations: EmPOWERED Kids and Respect the Flags.

Why should teachers take advantage of a free classroom presentation?

It is a unique, hands-on opportunity for kids to connect what they learned in the classroom to their daily lives. For example, we utilize our interactive EmPOWERed Kids app for presentations to introduce topics such as how we make electricity with renewables and non-renewables and how to be safe with it.

What if my school is not in a Consumers Energy service territory? What resources are available for middle or high school students?

Schools outside our service territory can still take advantage of our free lesson plans, activities and games available on our website and download our EmPOWERed Kids app in the App or Play Store.

We have lesson plans available online for K-12 grade students which correlate with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE).

We also offer an energy expert patch for girl scouts and cub scouts. Scout leaders can access workbooks and order patches at

What drives you to teach kids about energy safety?

It’s like a mobile classroom for me. I have the opportunity to educate more than just 30 students a year. I’m reminded of my passion to teach when students are excited to recognize me at the grocery store or when I receive handmade thank you cards. It’s extremely rewarding to hear and read what they learned about energy safety in their own words.

“If I can save a child’s life by them remembering the signs of a natural gas leak, I have done my job.”

Learn more about our education programs or request a safety presentation at

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Count On Us: Powered By Jodi Duffield & Consumers Energy

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Before pursuing gas distribution, Jodi Duffield served in the Marine Corps for four years. After her service, she decided to join our team as meter reader then as a gas lines worker. Going on her 11th year at Consumers Energy, she is proud to say she absolutely loves her work because of the impact she makes on our customers. Her role is to help customers save energy and money by providing access to natural gas service and ensuring they stay safe from natural gas hazards. Below, Jodi explains how she is providing safe, reliable energy for natural gas customers across Michigan.

What does Count On Us mean to you?

I trust our slogan because it is limitless. No matter the weather or situation, our customers should feel confident that we will Employee-Spotlight_Jodi-Duffield_8-14be there when they need us.

What makes Consumers Energy unique?

Our company is unique because of its commitment towards safety. The push for safety is apparent on all levels. I am thankful that, if it comes a time where a job seems unsafe, management will put our project on hold to figure out how to do the work safely.  By keeping employees safe, we are able to keep our customers safe.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

As a crew leader, I am responsible for keeping our crews and customers are safe from hazards. Our crews engage in a tailboard conference program at the start of every job to discuss possible safety hazards. Open communication allows us to work better and safer as a team.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day is a new location, a new job and a different scenario. As a gas line worker, my responsibilities include fixing gas leaks, repairing damages and putting in new construction business services.

Currently, we are working on a Customer Attachment Program (CAP) where we are building a gas main extension to bring natural gas service to new customers. The project involves putting in approximately one mile of four inch plastic gas main into the ground to reach 16 new customers.

What is the best advice you ever received?

Someone once told me that my job is not a race, but a marathon. The same way that you would train for a marathon, we should take that into our everyday life. It’s not about rushing through every single thing that we do, but slowing down, preparing and enjoying every moment of it.

To learn more about our Natural Gas service, visit our resource center at

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What Happens When You Call 811? Celebrate Safe Digging Month in Michigan

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Each year, hundreds of accidents are caused by careless digging. From planting a tree to building a deck, many projects can result in damage to utility lines, service interruptions, property damage, financial penalties and personal injuries. Prevent damage to yourself or your neighborhood by making the call to 811. It’s the law. 

Why Call 811 Before Digging?

April is Safe Digging Month, a time to reflect on safe digging practices for homes and businesses. Calling 811 will connect diggers to MISS DIG, the construction safety and utility damage prevention center for Michigan. MISS DIG prevents damage to Michigan neighborhoods in three steps:

  1. MISS DIG receives a request.
  2. Depending on the service request location, MISS DIG contacts local utility companies that provide natural gas, electricity, sewer, water, cable fiber optic and others who have lines buried underground.
  3. Within three business days, the local utilities will send representatives to mark the digging location with paint or colored flags.

Dig a hole– win prizes! Learn more.

5 Safe Digging Tips for Homeowners

Below are safety tips every homeowner should know before beginning a spring project:

  1. Call 811/MISS DIG three working days before you plan to dig.
  2. Make sure all utility lines are marked. Contact 811/MISS DIG to confirm.
  3. Respect the marks made by utility locators when using shovels or power equipment. Avoid using mechanized digging equipment near marks.
  4. Choose another location to begin your project if the original site is near utility lines.
  5. If you hired a contractor, confirm a call to 811/MISS DIG was made before they begin work on your property.

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Technology Grants to be Awarded to Michigan Schools in Mid-January

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Consumers Energy will award technology grants to six classrooms around the state in mid January.

“We realize that schools have tight budgets,” said Tara Ragauss, Education Programs Manager. “We felt it was important to provide classrooms with up-to-date technology that will benefit the learning experience of students.”

Second through sixth grade teachers, in schools served by Consumers Energy, will automatically be entered in the drawing by signing up for the new EmPOWERed Kids program if their presentation took place before December 31, 2014.

The free interactive program is endorsed by the Michigan Department of Education and is designed to educate students about energy topics such as:

  • The dangerous consequences of touching electric power lines or acting carelessly with electrical appliances.
  • Learning the three Rs: recognize, react and report natural gas leaks.
  • The role of utility flags and why safe digging is important.

Download the emPOWERed Kids App

Since launching in September we’ve done 55 EmPOWERed Kids presentations reaching about 2,500 students. In total, we have reached more than 40,000 students this school year through our educational programs.

An additional six technology grant recipients will be selected at random on May 20, 2015. Teachers who have an EmPOWERed Kids presentation in their second through sixth grade classroom between January 2015 and May 15, 2015 will also be automatically entered into that drawing.

To sign up for the program, email us at or visit us at also has lessons plans, educational games and other resources for teachers.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY: A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Current Michigan teachers, who are legal residents of Michigan, who are Consumers Energy customers as of 9/1/14 and at least 18 years old are eligible. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes ends 5/15/15. For Official Rules, alternate method of energy, prize descriptions and odds disclosure, contact Sponsor: Consumers Energy Company.

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VIDEO: 2014 In Review with Consumers Energy

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As we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015, Consumers Energy is proud to share a number of accomplishments from the past year.

We worked hard to serve our customers and improve our communities. In 2014, Consumers Energy:

  • Created a severe weather assistance team that made more than 125,000 calls to help customers manage their bills during the Polar Vortex
  • Launched the Slow Down and Go Around campaign to ensure a safe work environment for our crews
  • Accelerated the plan to bring smart meters to homes and businesses two years early
  • Raised more than $300,000 to help customers with their heating bills by participating in Walks for Warmth
  • Gave $9 million in contributions to Michigan nonprofit organizations
  • Recycled 100,000 refrigerators
  • Increased in-state spending to $150 million to help grow Michigan’s economy
  • Built a 24-mile long pipeline to transport affordable and reliable natural gas to customers
  • Implemented a nationally recognized Incident Command System to improve emergency response
  • Opened new LEED Certified Service Centers to better assist customers
  • Completed and opened the Cross Winds Energy Park to meet the 10 percent renewable energy goal one year ahead of schedule

Thank you to all Consumers Energy employees, retirees and volunteers, and to our residential and business customers, for helping make 2014 such a successful year.

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7 Holiday Safety Tips from Consumers Energy

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Celebrating the holidays with family and friends is never a dull moment. From baking Grandma’s cookies to attending a handful of parties, December is a fast-paced month filled with heartwarming traditions. One tradition everyone should be practicing during this festive time of year is holiday safety.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are about 250 injuries a day during the holiday season. For Consumers Energy, keeping Michigan as safe as possible is first priority. We’re committed to informing our residents, businesses and employees about the ways to prevent accidents and keep injuries from ruining joyous occasions.

Do you know the warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning? READ MORE

7 Holiday Safety Tips for Your Family

From our family to yours, check these holiday safety tips off your to-do list this season:

  1. Choose a fresh pine tree to decorate your home and be sure to water it frequently. Place the tree in a stand that will not tip over and keep the tree away from heat sources and exits.
  1. Keep burning candles away from decorations and other materials that can catch fire. Do not leave children unattended in a room with lighted candles.
  1. Never leave the stove unattended while cooking, and turn pot handles inward on the stove and out of children’s reach. Go green in the kitchen
  1. Have at least one working smoke alarm on each level of your home, especially near sleeping areas.
  1. Make sure the fireplace flue is open before starting a fire, and never burn wrappings or your pine tree in the fireplace.
  1. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case.
  1. If you’re traveling this season and see working crews, slow down and go around to keep everyone safe from harm.

Nine steps to winter weatherize your home

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A Tribute to Veterans Day By Consumers Energy; Veterans

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This Veterans Day, Consumers Energy honors our veteran employees as well as the 24.9 million across the nation who have served in the armed forces. The holiday, celebrated every year on Nov. 11, is marked by parades across America and a national ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. This year marks the 96th anniversary of the holiday– 96 years after the end of World War I. Video below property of The History Channel.

A Tribute to Veterans, By Veterans

We have many veteran employees who are proud to work for a company that celebrates individuals of all experiences. Check out a few perspectives below:

“Veterans Day is the most important day of the year to me because of all the men and women who served their country to protect freedom and liberty for their family, friends, and all Americans. That is why this country we live in today is so great.”

-Henry Bastian

U.S. Navy QA Inspector, Fire Marshall, Officer of the Deck, Damage Control Officer and Hurricane Warden

Consumers Energy Combinations Job-13 in Material Logistics and Inventory Management in Bad Axe

“I would encourage employees to pause and take a minute to think of what they have. Think of what they can do or become. You have these rights because of a Veteran. I thank the ones that came before me and I will continue to support the ones serving after me.”

-Cres Hernandez

U.S. Army Ranger

Production Supervisor at the Karn plant

“Veterans Day is a very special day. Without the sacrifices made by the men and women of the services, our liberty and freedom would not be what it is today nor would the future of America be protected.”

-Clark Gallagher

U.S. Army Mobile Power Generation Operations and Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Lead at the Whiting plant

Consumers Energy Helps Train Veterans for New Careers

The Consumers Energy Foundation provided a $2,500 grant to NACE Detroit Section, to help U.S. military veterans become certified in cathodic protection, a field in demand in the pipeline industry.

The hands-on training showed the veterans how the classroom training they had been receiving at Fort Custer, helps improve the integrity of steel and keep pipelines safe. The average salary for corrosion professionals in Michigan is nearly $85,000. Read the full story.



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How Consumers Energy Gets Natural Gas to your Michigan Home, Business

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Consumers Energy knows gas. As one of the largest natural gas distribution companies in the U.S., we operate more than 27,000 miles of pipeline and serve more than 1.7 million customers in Michigan. We’re consistently increasing the reliability of our natural gas pipelines to match gas pipeline quality standards, and protecting the safety of our neighbors who live or work near our pipelines and facilities.

Natural Gas: Get the Facts

Natural gas is a low-cost, versatile industry source that when burned, produces energy in the form of heat and light. Check out these natural gas facts you need to know:

We purchase natural gas in the summer when the prices are low, and used in the winter to protect customers from buying gas at peak prices.

We purchase natural gas in the summer when the prices are low, store it in underground fields and provide it to customers in the winter, which helps protect from buying gas at peak prices.

Q. What is Natural Gas?

  • Layers of buried plants and animals from thousands of years ago create a fossil fuel called natural gas, that contains energy stored from the sun in the form of carbon
  • When the fossil fuel is exposed to intense heat and pressure, its stored energy can be transferred into power

Q. How is Natural Gas Produced?

  • Natural gas is extracted from underground storage
  • It’s then treated at gas plants to remove any contaminates
  • Pipelines transport the natural gas to our power plants so it can be converted to electricity

Q. What are the three ways power plants can convert natural gas to electricity?

  1. After burning the gas in a boiler to produce steam, it’s then used by a steam turbine to generate electricity
  2. By burning natural gas in a combustion turbine, it can then generate electricity
  3. By combining the two methods above, natural gas can be generated into electricity. The process includes burning the natural gas in a combustion turbine, using the hot combustion turbine exhaust to create steam, which drives a steam turbine.

Get energy-savings and natural gas safety tips at

Q. What if you smell natural gas or a “rotten egg” odor?

  • Leave the area immediately
  • Call us toll-free at (800) 477-5050 from a safe location
  • We’ll respond 24/7 at no charge
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Lifesaving Tips to Protect Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Keeping furnace vents clear of debris will help to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keeping furnace vents clear of debris will help to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

The crisp, cool air and the brightly-colored leaves are among the first signs that fall is coming. They’re also one of the first signals as families start up their furnaces across Michigan. While the heat is necessary to keep your homes cozy during the cold months, it’s an especially important time to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Governor Rick Snyder has declared this week Carbon Monoxide Safety and Awareness Week in Michigan. This declaration serves as a reminder for residents to take preventative measures and learn to recognize the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas that’s odorless, colorless and tasteless and is produced when common household appliances aren’t properly ventilated. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur from appliances like:

  • Furnaces
  • Fireplaces
  • Wood Stoves
  • Charcoal grills
  • Kerosene heaters
  • Gasoline-powered generators
  • Vehicles


Know the Signs

Infants, the elderly, people with respiratory problems and pets are especially at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. When the deadly gas is breathed into the body, it is combined with the blood, preventing it from absorbing oxygen. Warning signs of a CO leak include:

  • Stale/stuffy air
  • Excessive moisture on windows and walls
  • Soot buildup around appliance vents

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning often mimic the flu and include headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath and burning of the eyes. Prolonged exposure can cause disorientation, convulsions, unconsciousness and eventually death.


9 Tips to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

There are many different ways CO can cause poisoning, even uncommonly through blocked vehicle tailpipes and unventilated trailers. You can protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning with these tips:

  1. Install an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved CO detector with a powerful audible alarm. The best models plug into a standard electrical outlet and have important features like a rechargeable battery backup in case of a power outage.
  2. Make sure fuel-burning appliances are properly installed and have them maintained regularly.
  3. Visually inspect flues and chimneys on an annual basis to keep them clean of debris.
  4. Repair rusted or pitted flue pipes leading from your furnace and water heater to the chimney.
  5. Keep the furnace air intake clear and unobstructed.
  6. Never use a gas range or unvented space heaters (propane, gas, oil or kerosene) to heat a home or building.
  7. Never run a vehicle in the garage, even with the garage door open.
  8. Start lawn mowers and snow blowers outside, not inside the garage.
  9. Never use a portable generator or barbecue grill inside your home or on an enclosed porch or garage.

If you suspect CO poisoning in your home:

  • Get everyone (pets included) out of the house and into fresh air
  • Call 911 for immediate medical help
  • Do not re-enter the house under any circumstance until help has arrived, your house has been investigated and the problem is corrected
  • Call a qualified contractor or your gas utility to have your appliances checked
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Behind-the-Scenes of a Consumers Energy Employee; Careers in Energy Week

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Although we’re rounding out the end of Careers in Energy Week, Consumers Energy wants to keep public awareness about energy-related jobs alive well after the statewide celebration. We plan to continue recruiting top Michigan talent for rewarding careers in energy.

Consumers Energy is pleased to work with DTE Energy and the Michigan Energy Workforce Development Consortium during this celebration to raise awareness for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

To hear about job openings, follow Consumers Energy on LinkedIn!

A Day in the Life of a Consumers Energy Employee

From lineworkers to power plant operators, customer service representatives to accountants and technicians to engineers, there are a variety of careers Consumers Energy offers throughout the state of Michigan. Check out a few behind-the-scenes videos from Consumers Energy employees:

1. System Controller


2. Senior Project Manager


3. Lineworker Trainer


4. Electric Field Leader


5. Dispatcher


Check out current job openings at Consumers Energy!

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