Luis Saenz is an artistic person. Throughout his life, he’s dabbled in all sorts of art, from painting to photography, to woodworking and woodcarving. During these times, he was able to find even more significance in the art he creates. He has several relatives and good friends that are doctors and nurses, and after seeing their posts on social media about how painful it is for them to wear masks all day long or the lack of face shields to protect themselves, he thought about making something with a 3D printer that would help them ease the pain.

He decided to act and support local doctors and nurses in Jackson. He’s donated some hooks (for the face masks) and face shields. They are made out of basic materials (acrylic, transparency sheets, foam, and elastic band or rubber bands) and are easy to disinfect. He hopes that they will help ease their pain while they are on the frontlines during these hard times. #poweringthru #poweringthrutogether


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