After a long day at the office and a dicey drive home in bad weather, Diane Loftus slumped her shoulders as she saw what was awaiting her.

A snapped flagpole leaning against a power line leading into the entryway of her Kalamazoo home – a result of a nasty windstorm.

“I thought that maybe I should move the pole, but then I thought better of it and called Consumers Energy to come move it,” said Loftus.

Later that night, Loftus heard a large truck pull into her driveway. The crew was Kerry Barber, Adam Secules and Zachary Price.

“I was already in bed,” Loftus said. “By the time I got to the door, they were already done. I was really surprised, with all the damage from the storm, I didn’t expect them to get to me so quickly.”

Loftus saw the pole that was carefully placed in the yard, but no flag.

One of the workers saw she was struggling to find it in the dark, turned the vehicle around in her driveway and told Loftus that her flag was in the mailbox.

“The workers folded the flag into a triangle and carefully placed it into my mailbox,” she said. “I was so impressed with the care and consideration that they gave my flag. I will always remember that – it really touched me.”

The act of kindness caught the attention of Consumers Energy’s internal Veterans Advisory Panel (VAP).

Amber Fogarty, co-president of the VAP, said tears came to her eyes when she read Loftus’ email.

“This is a wonderful example of not only going above and beyond for our customers, but also showing respect and loyalty to this great country,” Fogarty said. “It’s often about doing the little things that have a much bigger impact.”

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