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Customer Service Week is celebrated annually during the first full week in October to recognize the importance of customer service excellence in organizations. And Consumers Energy is no exception.

This year, we’ve had more customer interactions than any other time in our company’s history. Whether it’s a customer service representative answering questions about a bill, a gas service worker responding to a possible gas leak, a service technician fixing a broken appliance, or a lineworker responding to a wire down, our employees work around the clock to deliver hometown service.

In honor of Customer Service Week, we want to highlight two of those employees.

Zach works in the business center, which serves more than 215,000 commercial and industrial customers.

Name: Zach

Title: Business Center Management Technical Specialist II

How long have you worked at CE?  It will be four years in October.

What is a typical day like? I do frontline customer service, which includes managing phone calls from our commercial and industrial customers and following up on issues. We also work on projects with other departments and help them resolve their problems.

What was your most memorable customer interaction? One of my very first interactions was working with a customer in Flint. They were feeling the effects of the poor economy and were behind on their billing. When we were setting up the arrangement, I realized she was having a hard time understanding what she needed to pay and kept defaulting on the payment arrangements we set up. I partnered with management to see what would actually work for her. I was able to set up a six month installment plan and called her two to three times a month for six months to remind her of what was due, then I would follow up with another call about what was due for her monthly bill. She did complete the payment arrangement and the account was caught up. We were able to get through it together.

What does delivering hometown service mean to you? Hometown service is treating every customer like an individual. It is realizing while their questions might be similar to another customer, their answers should be for them and the resolution should best fit their individual needs. It’s not having a generic fix for every customer.

Vicki works in one of our Contact Centers. So far in 2018, our representatives have handled 3.1 million phone calls.

Name: Vicki

Title: Customer Service Representative

How long have you worked for CE? 39 years and counting.

What is a typical day like? I take calls from customers who are moving, have questions about their bill or need to report emergencies like power outages or gas leaks.

What was your most memorable customer interaction? There isn’t one interaction, but what sticks out to me are the compliments customers give us. We now ask at the end of every call if we have resolved their issue – and we are receiving a lot of positive feedback. I’ve had customers cry because they were relieved I was able to help them. It makes me feel good to know I’m helping resolve their issues.

What does delivering hometown service mean to you? First and foremost it means considering the safety of everyone involved. It also means providing great customer service and treating customers like a friend or family member. I make sure to listen to what their needs are and always strive to be friendly, professional and respectful to all customers and co-workers.

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As we continue to focus on World Class Performance Delivering Hometown Service, we are flying flags that reflect our values and celebrate the rich history and diversity of our state, our co-workers and the customers we serve. On Oct. 1, we’ll be flying the Caring for Communities flag to honor Customer Service Week. 

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