Storm Ready: Power Outage Updates By Text

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We understand that during storms and emergencies, power outage updates are crucial for you and your family; that’s why we’ve developed text alerts for mobile devices. With text alerts, you can report outages, get estimated restoration times and even get notified when your power has been restored (a handy update when you’re not home).

Available for all Consumers Energy electric customers, activating outage text alerts is easy. Simply text REG to 232273 (CECARE) and confirm your account number (found at the top of your bill).

Our text alert system isn’t limited to just outage updates; for those moments when “your dog may have eaten your energy bill…again,” you can get the billing information you need via text message. Simply activate this feature by setting your alert preferences through your online account.

Useful keywords to use, once you’ve activated Consumers Energy text alerts, include the following:

  • OUT- Report an outage
  • STAT- Request outage status
  • BAL- Request account balance (must sign up through your online account)
  • PAY- Authorize payment using existing payment method (must sign up through your online account)
  • HELP- Get a list of valid keywords
  • NICK- Apply a nickname to an account
  • PAUSE- Temporarily pauses outbound/proactive messaging for the handset (phone you are texting from) for 24 hours
  • RESUME – Resumes outbound/proactive messaging for the handset (phone you are texting from)
  • STOP – Stop receiving alerts on the handset for one or more programs, except Account Notices.
  • STOP ALL – Unsubscribe from all Alerts and Notifications for the handset (Account Notices will be sent to primary email account).

Learn more about our text alerts feature at For more tips on how you can prepare ahead of storms and emergencies, visit

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