Consumers Energy Awards First Female Lineworker Scholarship

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With the help of Michigan Works! and the Lansing Community College (LCC) Foundation, we recently established a $2,500 scholarship to financially assist female students in their educational journey to becoming a lineworker.

As stated on the scholarship application form, “historically women have made up a small percentage of the workforce in linework. This trend is true for Consumers Energy. In an effort to attract women into this rewarding career, we are sponsoring a female lineworker scholarship…in partner with LCC and Michigan Works!”

The scholarship asks interested students to fill out an application, provide two letters of recommendation and answer two essay questions. The first recipient of the scholarship is Jessica Walker, a student at Lansing Community College pursuing Electrical Technology and the Electrical Utility lineworker program.

“Jessica is preparing for a career that is dominated by men, mainly because of the physical nature,” said Rex Peckens, LCC lineworker Program Coordinator, in his letter of recommendation. “Jessica is a young lady that will continue to eliminate this traditional mold of a “men only” career. While she is certainly not the first female to enter this profession, she is certainly able to continue the advancement.”

Through our partnership with Michigan Works!, we are able to provide a female in the LCC lineworker program with the scholarship. We are excited to come along outstanding students like Jessica Walker and help them enter an important and rewarding field of work. Click to learn more about our School-to-Work programs.

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