Celebrating 125 Years: $1.25M to Support Michigan Communities (Part II)

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In 2012, Consumers Energy celebrated 125 years of serving Michigan by pledging $1.25 million to support Michigan communities. The Consumers Energy Foundation, Consumers Energy’s philanthropic arm, fulfilled this promise by donating $125,000 to 10 nonprofit projects around the state. To be eligible for the $125,000 anniversary grant, each community had to apply with details of the project and raise $125,000 in local matching funds.

We followed up with one grant recipient: Deindorfer Woods Park in Saginaw.

Grant Makes Deindorfer Prime Family Spot

Five years ago, Deindorfer Woods Park had no picnic area and a playground that had fallen into such decay − that nobody used it in decades.

A park without children’s laughter is what Deindorfer had become.

That’s like peanut butter without jelly, Michigan without Michigan State football or a car without tires.  It just doesn’t look or feel right.

So in 2012, Consumers Energy stepped in and worked with the Saginaw Community Foundation to provide a $125,000 matching grant and give Deindorfer a much needed renovation.

A new playground was built along with a picnic area where families frequently gather. The parking lot was paved and new lighting was installed, providing a safer venue.

The park is now filled with the infectious laughter of children, enjoying slides, swings and monkey bars. VIDEO Consumers Energy and Our Community: Deindorfer Woods Park


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“We are grateful for the chance to work with Consumers Energy to make this a prime destination in Saginaw,” said Renee Johnston, President and CEO of the Saginaw Community Foundation.

“The grant breathed new life into this park. You see birthday parties, family reunions and work gatherings going on at the park all the time this summer. Celebrations that weren’t taking place here five years ago. It’s great to see. It’s amazing what can be done when people come together to better a community.”

Other 125th Anniversary Grant Recipients

Consumers Energy created the Consumers Energy Foundation in 1990 to give the utility’s philanthropic efforts a stable, focused direction. The Consumers Energy Foundation uses shareholder funds, not customer funds, along with employee and retiree contributions to support nonprofit organizations across Michigan and help create sustainable communities. Learn more about the Consumers Energy Foundation at ConsumersEnergy.com/foundation.

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