Over 400 energy efficiency rebates for your business.

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2017 marks the ninth year of the Consumers Energy Business Energy Efficiency Programs, and the rebate options for customers continue to increase and diversify.

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This year, we have added over 40 new rebate measures to our catalog. This increases the number of rebates available to nearly 450 standard measures, along with custom measures and specialty programs. We’ve added new measures specifically for manufacturing, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) whole building design, LED interior lighting, variable frequency drives, commercial kitchen upgrades, pipework and insulation, and others. As technology advances, we’ve also updated the rebates for a number of measures to reflect the rapidly changing nature of the energy efficiency market.

Programs tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Small Business Energy Efficiency Program – Intended for business customers with annual energy use of 400,000 kWh or less, this program is easy to participate in and offers competitive rebates and options for small businesses. Our authorized contractors will evaluate your energy use and create a customized proposal just for your business. Rebates are customized for you based on your hours of operation, and most customers will pay back the new energy efficient equipment in less than one year with the energy savings after the rebates.  Learn more about the Small Business Energy Efficiency program or find an authorized contractor.

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Multifamily Program – Our Multifamily Program offers financial rebates to participating building owners for the installation of qualifying energy efficient equipment in common areas of eligible residences. We’ll start with a free assessment of your property that will reveal areas of potential savings. Then, we will offer to install some efficient upgrades for free and recommend additional measures that can earn you valuable rebates. Learn more about the Multifamily Program.

Pilot & Specialty Programs – We also offer a wide variety of programs designed for particular industries or energy uses. This year, we have 13 different pilot and specialty programs in areas including advanced lighting network controls, industrial energy management, compressed air and agriculture, to name a few. Find out if any of our pilot and specialty programs could help to provide extra savings for your business.

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