Helping You Save Energy and Money this Season

Spring is here and Michigan’s dog days of summer will be soon approaching. Below are five steps you can take to save energy and money:

  1. Maintain your heating and cooling system. Replace your air filter regularly and have a professional perform scheduled tune-ups to help you maintain your system and save. Set your thermostat at 78 degrees when you’re home and higher when you’re away. Our Peak Power Savers® programs is also a great way for you to save money by reducing your energy use when demand is highest and energy is most expensive.
  2. Wash your clothes in cold water. There are two ways to reduce your energy use while washing laundry—use less water and cooler water. Wash clothes in cold water to cut down on your hot water use and only do laundry when you have a full load. Go a step further and upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® washer to use 20 percent less energy. Click to see available ENERGY STAR® washer rebates.
  3. Move furniture away from air ducts. Your heating and cooling system works best when nothing blocks the flow of air around your ventilation ducts. Shift that sofa or bed to let air flow freely.
  4. Set your refrigerator for optimum cooling and freshness. ENERGY STAR recommends a temperature range between 35° and 38°F to keep food fresh while not wasting energy. Pro tip: Replace your old fridge with a newer ENERGY STAR model to save up to $150 a year on energy costs. Earn a $50 rebate when you let us recycle your old fridge.
  5. Cut down your water use in the bathroom. Set your water heater temperature no higher than 120 degrees. Limit shower length to 5-7 minutes or 1-2 songs. Schedule a free home energy assessment and receive free energy saving measures such as a kitchen and bathroom faucet aerator and water heater pipe insulation.

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