Leader Dogs for the Blind Receives $56,000 Energy Efficiency Incentive from Consumers Energy

leader-dogsLeader Dogs for the Blind has received $56,071 in energy efficiency incentives from Consumers Energy.

The incentive is for energy efficiency upgrades recently made at Leader Dogs’ Rochester Hills headquarters, and highlights Consumers Energy’s commitment to help businesses across Michigan lower their costs. Since 2009 Consumers Energy has helped Michigan save more than $1 billion through energy efficiency efforts.

“Leader Dogs for the Blind was pleased to be able to work with Consumers Energy to help maximize our savings potential through these energy efficiency improvements. The savings from implementing these measures will help us focus on raising future Leader Dogs so we can successfully pair them with blind and visually impaired individuals who come to us from all over the world to gain independence,” said  Susan Daniels, president and CEO of Leader Dog.

The following building improvements and energy efficient retrofits were completed in order to receive the energy efficiency incentive:

  • Installing a high efficiency central boiler plant. The boilers are 95-98 percent efficient and have unlimited modulation for maximum energy efficiency. While the boilers have their own intelligent decision-making, they are also tied into the building’s automation system for maximum control and oversight.
  • The building’s automation system continually monitors and tracks 77 independent zones delivering only the exact amount of heating and cooling needed to meet the requirements of those areas. It also has tremendous oversight capabilities and can warn of problems and show energy usage trends in every area of the building. The building automation is also capable of scheduling periods of reduced energy usage when areas are unoccupied.
  • High efficiency air handling units were also installed and three of the four contain energy recovery systems to recover otherwise wasted energy. These units are capable of reclaiming energy before it is exhausted and transfers that energy back into the building.

“We are pleased to help provide energy solutions to reduce energy costs for Leader Dogs for the Blind which will hopefully help enhance its mission to empower those who are blind or visually impaired with lifelong skills and independence,” said Tim Sparks, Consumers Energy’s vice president of energy supply operations.

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