It Only Takes One: Randy Coleman’s Volunteer Journey

Randy Coleman, an IT Tech. Sr. Analyst II, started volunteering with Special Olympics in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. Coleman first got involved as a general volunteer when he signed his daughter up for soccer. He’s now a certified coach in aquatics, alpine skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and volleyball, and in 2014 he took on the role of Assistant Area Director for Area 19.

“The hardest part of mobilizing volunteers for Special Olympics is just getting them to that first event. For a lot of people, once they see the impact this organization makes, once they see the look of pride on the athletes’ faces, they’re hooked for life.”

Coleman’s responsibilities as a volunteer encompass everything from serving as a coach and mentor to athletes, to helping to coordinate events, participating in monthly meetings, and providing feedback and input when decision-making.

For Coleman, the positive impact of volunteerism is evident when watching the athletes compete.

“Working with these athletes has taught me patience, understanding and reminds me to never give up on an individual.  It’s so gratifying to see these athletes cross the finish line and stand on the podium to receive their award.  This is a way to give back and help these athletes gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence as active members of the community.”

Coleman’s story is a great reminder that it only takes one—one volunteer, one opportunity to get involved or one impacted individual—to make a positive difference in the community every day.

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