Budget Plan Keeps Energy Costs Steady Year Round

The Budget Plan offers convenience, peace of mind and security. While you can’t predict Michigan’s weather, you can count on the Budget Plan to help keep your energy costs steady year round.

How Budget Plan Works:

  • You can join anytime. However, we recommend joining at the beginning of the plan period (Natural Gas/Combination: June 1 – September 30; Electric: October 1 – May 31).
  • Your monthly payment will be calculated based on your expected energy use for the rest of the Budget Plan year based on your service type (electric or natural gas/combination).
  • At the end of the plan, if you used more energy than you paid for, your Budget Plan year-end bill will include the difference. If you used less, you’ll pay less.
  • On occasion, we may adjust your Budget Plan payments to help avoid big differences in your final month.

The Budget Plan for an average residential customer is:

  • About $100 per month for electric service.
  • About $57 per month for natural gas service.
  • Customers must have their bill payments up to date to enroll.

Join Today:

  1. Sign in to your online account.
  2. Select “Billing Options.”
  3. Under “Other Options for You” find “Budget Plan” and select “Get Started.”

Or call us at 800-477-5050