Curious Animals and Electric Reliability

Although local authorities won’t actually be coming after curious animals for causing outages anytime soon, Consumers Energy recognizes the importance of animal safety and electric reliability.


That’s why in 2013, we implemented enhanced control measures across the state to limit access to substations. The barriers promote animal safety and energy reliability by helping us deliver the energy you need, whenever you need it. From January 2011 through Sept. 30, 2013, roughly 30 percent of outages were caused by wildlife. Today, that number has been reduced to four percent.


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Did You Know?

Wildlife, especially squirrels and raccoons, are attracted to the warmth and vibration given off by substation equipment, including surrounding electrical wires.

  • Substations are knocked out of service when an animal enters the substation and contacts energized equipment while also touching the ground or grounded electrical equipment.
  • As a result, the animal is electrocuted and a electrical “fault” disrupts power either momentarily or for longer periods, depending on the situation.


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