5 Affordable Energy Efficiency Hacks for Renters

You don’t have to own your home to control your energy use. Here are five inexpensive ways renters can save energy and money:

  1. Keep a lazy susan in the fridge. According to Home Energy Magazine, door openings were responsible for nearly 7 percent of overall refrigerator energy consumption. Make regularly used items more accessible by keeping them on a lazy susan.
  2. Use a pillowcase and a ruler to deep clean your dryer’s lint trap. Did you know your dryer’s lint filter isn’t 100 percent effective? Ensure your dryer is running safely and efficiently by cleaning its lint trap. It’s easy! Put a ruler inside a pillowcase and lightly mist the corner with water, then slide the ruler from one side of the vent to the other.
  3. Use magnetic air deflectors to redirect airflow. As renters, we can’t control where our heating/cooling vents are located. Use inexpensive magnetic air deflectors to redirect airflow where you need it.
  4. Stop drafts with a pool noodle: When weather-stripping doors isn’t an option, go the DIY route by using last year’s pool noodles, safety pins and a pillowcase/sheet. Click for a tutorial via Lifehacker.
  5. Stack items in your freezer using milk crates. In our last energy efficiency hacks blog, you learned that a full freezer is a happy one. But how do you stack items without them pummeling down? Try using milk crates. Not only are they cheap (often free if you ask your local grocer), they offer a great solution to organize freezer items if you opt to color code the crates.


Improving your home’s energy efficiency starts by scheduling a Home Energy Analysis. On average, Consumers Energy customers save $100 to $150 after the first year. Click to find out if you are eligible for a Home Energy Analysis.