Consumers Energy Welcomes 184 Interns; Introducing the Intern Challenge

On June 1, we welcomed 184 new and returning interns at the annual Consumers Energy intern luncheon.

The luncheon gives interns the opportunity to network with employees from various departments across the state while learning about the resources available to enhance their work experience.

Angela Thompkins, Director of Talent Acquisition and Diversity and Inclusion, opened the event by inspiring interns to not be afraid to lead change within the company. “Be encouraged to challenge the norms and bring innovative ideas to Consumers Energy,” said Thompkins. “We want to move from good to great and you all will be the ones who help us get there.”

Thompkins also extended a full-time job offer to Human Resources intern Kolby Bogan on stage to show that this internship can lead to a full-time position with the company.

Charles Crews, Vice President of Gas Operations, focused on perseverance and utilizing this internship experience to shape professional futures. “Performance breeds excellence and allows you to move forward in your career,” said Crews. “Use this time to build your skills, shape your personal brand and become great at what you do.”

To give our interns a taste of the philanthropic side of the company, they are encouraged to take part in the Intern Challenge, a service project designed specifically for interns to give back to the communities we serve. Taylor Dempsey, Corporate Giving and Education intern, helped organize the Intern Challenge and shared her experience as a returning intern.

“Each year that I return to this internship, I am always presented with new opportunities to learn and enhance my skill set,” said Dempsey. “Consumers Energy is very supportive of interns exploring all that the company has to offer and pursuing learning opportunities beyond a specific department.”

Stay tuned throughout the month of July to see how our interns are giving back through the Intern Challenge by following the hashtag #CEvolunteers on social media.