End of an Era: J.C. Weadock Generating Plant Flag Ceremony

flagWednesday, May 25 signaled the end of an era at the J.C. Weadock Generating Plant when an honor guard from the U.S. Coast Guard lowered the flag for the last time, honoring the generations of hard-working employees who helped serve our customers with affordable, reliable energy for more than 75 years.

Attendees included employees, retirees and various community stakeholders. Also in attendance was Jeffrey C. Weadock, a descendant of John C. Weadock for whom the Weadock Plant was named. “With only a week’s notice, he came with his wife from Dallas,” said Debra Dodd, Senior Communications Consultant II. “They were thrilled to be part of history.”

The Weadock plant played a significant role in our company’s history and set a standard of excellence for our company and the industry. Employees operated the plant safely, efficiently and productively for many decades, including the days leading up to retirement. The plant’s record achievements include:

  • Unit 7 ran for 305 consecutive days in 2003.
  • Unit 8 operated for 275 consecutive days in 1989.

“Many Weadock employees spent their entire working lives here at the plant,” said Dennis Dobbs, Vice President of Enterprise Project Management, Engineering and Services. “For many, the plant was a second home where employees formed a close-knit extended family.”

Weadock employees’ commitment extended beyond the walls of the plant. They also were instrumental in protecting the local wildlife and caring for their communities.

From nesting boxes on the ponds to protecting fish from harm and building a raptor rehabilitation pen, Weadock employees proved wildlife can co-exist with power production.

Employees also contributed to their communities by donated their time to charitable, government, civic and sports groups.

“Weadock employees truly exemplified our ‘leave it better than we found it’ guiding principle,” Dobbs said.