4 Ways we are Viewing the World Through a Wider Lens

CaptureAt Consumers Energy, we’re viewing the world through a wider lens by considering how our decisions impact people and the planet. That’s why we’ve adopted sustainability as a companywide goal.

To us, “sustainability” means pursuing four goals:

  1. Safe and excellent operations- 2015 was the safest year in our company’s history.
  2. Social responsibility- We’re donating our time, resources and talents to make the communities we serve better places to live and work.
  3. Economic prosperity- We’re investing billions of dollars to spark Michigan’s economy, create jobs and secure our energy future.
  4. Environmental quality- We’re reducing emissions, boosting renewable energy and helping homes and businesses control their energy use.

Learn about our plans to create a more sustainable energy future by viewing our 2016 Sustainability Report at ConsumersEnergy.com/sustainability.