Farmer Rescues Consumers Energy Employee During Snow Storm

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Snowy roads and icy conditions frequently result in power outages, downed lines and disabled vehicles. The winter storm during the week of Feb. 22 proved to be no different.

Ed McDaid, an Electric Service Worker out of the Alma Service Center, was working to restore sections of line around 11 p.m., when his vehicle became stuck on a snow-covered back road in Ithaca. Other line trucks were in the area and a wrecker was dispatched to free his vehicle. But, for the time being, it appeared that McDaid was not going anywhere fast.
“It had been a long day and I was really close to the end of my shift,” McDaid said. “I’m thinking I can pick up this line, get the power back, maybe I can be the hero. The next thing I know, I’m stuck with over a half mile to the first farmhouse and about two and a half miles of road plugged up with snow. My only hope was a farmer noticing me.”

As he sat in the immobile vehicle, McDaid saw headlights coming down the road. A 19-year-old Whitmore Farms employee pulled up next to him. The farm’s owner had seen McDaid stuck in the snow and sent the employee out to offer assistance.
“This giant tractor came down the road, plowing all of the snow and freed me” McDaid said. “I wanted to give a shout out to the farm family and young man who helped me.”

While pulling McDaid out of the snow, the employee mentioned that the barn had been having power issues with the lights constantly blinking. McDaid returned the farmer’s kindness and headed down to investigate the issue. “I was able to plug in some fuses and get everyone back on,” McDaid stated.

“There’s a tremendous amount of appreciation for everyone,” said McDaid. “It’s good to have great neighbors who appreciate one another and help each other out. We’re lucky to be considered a fundamental part of that community.”

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