5 Ways Ionia Valley View III Won a Statewide Energy-Savings Competition

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The winner of the 2015 Michigan Battle of the Buildings energy savings competition for apartments/multifamily is Valley View III, an affordable housing development that calls downtown Ionia home.

Five ways Valley View III reduced their total energy use:

  1. Sealed roof and attic spaces
  2. Insulated ducts and heating pipes
  3. Installed domestic hot water heater pump timers
  4. Installed occupancy sensors
  5. Upgraded lighting

Total energy savings:

  • Reduced total energy use by 8.4 percent from April through December 2015.
  • Through building optimization, even more savings were achieved through March 2016. Cut natural gas use by 10.8 percent and electric by 14 percent, saving more than $3,800 within the first year.

In addition to Valley View III, Consumers Energy has helped Michigan businesses and homes save more than $1 billion on energy costs since 2009. Click to take advantage of more than 400 energy efficiency rebates for your business.

Michigan Energy Options, a nonprofit based in East Lansing completed the energy upgrades with support from Consumers Energy and technical assistance from Chicago-based Elevate Energy, a nonprofit that conducts energy efficiency programs throughout the Midwest.

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