#GoGreenSaveGreen Winner Announcement

#GoGreenSaveGreen daily contest winners won an energy efficiency kit consisting of five LED bulbs, one high-efficiency showerhead, one LED night light, one kitchen aerator and one bathroom faucet aerator.

Day 1: Jason Garvie

Day 2: Pleasanna Carter

Day 3: Kim Mason-Rains

Day 4: Andrea Watters

Day 5: Joshua Johnson

One grand prize winner won a learning thermostat and $100 Gift of Energy in addition to their energy efficiency kit.

Grand Prize Winner: Kim Mason-Rains


Full rules and conditions: http://bit.ly/1Rgjf0q

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  1. Just wanted to say that it would be nice if there was a “comment” section at the end of the surveys that I am taking. Some of the answers asked for, I feel, need to be explained. The 3 or 4 choices aren’t accurate all the time.


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