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Scoutmaster, Javier Ruiz (left), with Boy Scouts Troop 1193.

Where do men learn to be good men? The answer lies in having positive role models.  It is important for our youth to have and honorable role models who instill the value of volunteerism and giving back.

Father, Ludington Pumped Storage Plant Operations Training Supervisor and Scoutmaster, Javier Ruiz credits Boy Scouts of America for shaping young men into hard working, trustworthy, honest members of their communities. Having five kids of his own, the organization has been instrumental in reinforcing these values for his family.

“I’m teaching my kids that they are bigger than themselves,” says Ruiz, “they all have something to offer their communities and I stress that it’s their obligation to do so.”

Having logged over 450 hours this year as Scoutmaster of Troop 1193 in Ludington, Ruiz has been actively serving Boy Scouts of America as a volunteer for more than 21 years. Being able to provide opportunities for young men and especially low-income, inner-city youth is what fuels him to continue his service.

“At the end of the day, I feel that I get more out of my volunteerism than the kids do. They’ll tell me, ‘Mr. Ruiz, in my whole life I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I wasn’t a boy scout,’” said Ruiz.

“Being able to give them experiences they wouldn’t have imagined is what it’s really about for me.”

Aside from their national popcorn sale, Ruiz led his troop to raise over $4,000 by hosting a fajita sale in Downtown Ludington. His employment with Consumers Energy has also earned his troop a VIP grant every year. Funds help alleviate costs associated with registration, training, awards and camping.

Ruiz credits his passion for volunteering to his father, a former middle school principal and superintendent, and mother, a stay-at-home mom and active school volunteer. He encourages everyone to use their skills and talents to better the communities in which they live. “There are people in the world who do not have the same blessings as we do. It’s our duty to share the treasure of our own experiences.”

Get involved with Boy Scouts of America by visiting scouting.org/Volunteer


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