Honoring Veteran Employees


Each year, more than 180,000 people enlist in the armed forces to protect our country. Met with unimaginable dangers, soldiers are united through their sense of courage, loyalty, respect and integrity. Although one would assume veterans would have seen it all during their service, they are met with a new set of obstacles upon return.

U.S. Army National Guard Veteran and Consumers Energy Veterans Advisory Panel (VAP) Chair, Bill Krieger, was inspired to lead VAP following his challenging transition back to civilian life. Succeeding his deployment in Iraq, he saw a need for additional veteran support.

“I didn’t understand how to write my resume or how to relate my military experience to someone in the civilian world,” said Krieger. “There was a need for a like-minded group to support veterans in their transition.”

VAP, in its early stages as an Employee Resource Group, is providing support for Utility Workers Union of America Local 105’s Veterans Day recognition event. During special ceremonies held Nov. 4-13, commemorative coins are being presented to union and non-union veteran employees to honor their service.

“As a company, we encourage our employees to self-identify as a veteran. It helps us understand our recruitment progress and what resources we could offer,” said Krieger.

“While we extend special honors to those who serve or have served on this day, our military members should be recognized year-round,” said John Broschak, Vice President of Major Projects & Construction and VAP executive sponsor.

Thank you, veterans! 

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