‘Energy Day’ Gives Kids a Hands-On Opportunity to Learn About Energy

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Want to engage young students to learn? The solution is simple – incorporate their senses. When kids receive encouragement and resources to exercise their curiosity, they are not only able to understand concepts faster but begin to teach themselves. That’s because the left hemisphere of the brain, responsible for analytical and language skills, develops later around the ages of 10 and 11. Consumers Energy understands this and is working toward providing parents, teachers and students with hands-on resources to energize young minds.

On Oct. 17, we teamed up with Impression 5 Science Center to host an ‘Energy Day’ for kids to explore energy through fun, interactive activities. Participants were able to discover how energy is created, make their own biosphere, get creative with snap circuits, wear energy safety gear and build a solar oven along with many other hands-on activities.

“Energy is often something we take for granted, but kids want to make these important connections to science. Energy Day is all about creating hands-on activities to showcase how we’re generating energy for our communities,” said Laura Zeller, external relations supervisor for Impression 5 Science Center. “We are thrilled about Consumers Energy’s participation to make this event possible and relevant.”

To learn more about our education resources, visit http://www.ConsumersEnergy.com/kids

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