Employees Support Michigan Neighbors through United Way Campaign

Consumers Energy is determined to make Michigan a better place to work and live by doing our part to live sustainably. That means working to leave our company, state and world better than we found them, whether it is reducing emissions or strengthening communities.

Collaborating with United Way allows us to fulfill a large part of our commitment to care for the communities we serve. United Way works with local nonprofit organizations, businesses, government groups and social service agencies to address the most pressing needs of our communities. Donations help Michigan communities receive assistance for a variety of programs including:

  • Affordable housing
  • Job training
  • Temporary or permanent shelter
  • Child care
  • Health care
  • Human services via 2-1-1.

See how Consumers Energy employees have come together to connect our Michigan communities:

Jeff Mayes, Director of Economic Development Strategy

Bay County, MI

Serving on the board of directors for United Way of Bay County, Jeff Mayes provides guidance to raise money for more than 20 nonprofit organizations in the Bay County area while generating awareness.  United Way of Bay County provides assistance to nonprofits such as the Bay Area Women’s Center and Child Abuse and Neglect Council. He adds that a notable annual initiative his group coordinates is their back to school program which provides clothing and other necessities to students for the upcoming year.

“The whole idea behind United Way is amazing. People pool their dollars to have a greater impact on their community than what one person’s check can have on its own. It’s touching to see families react when they receive assistance. ”

Hillary Hogarth, Claims Administrator

Kalamazoo, MI

Hillary Hogarth is going on her eighth year as United Way campaign manager for our Kalamazoo Service Center. She is proud her headquarters is consistently leading efforts when it comes to fundraising for United Way. Just as Consumers Energy has allowed her to provide for her family, she believes it is a duty and a privilege to give back to her local community. Her best memory is taking a tour to visit the local nonprofit agencies United Way of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region supports.

“The tour is a game changer for employees. Seeing where their dollars are going and what the agencies do increases employee engagement significantly.”

Stephanie Maltby, Fleet Administration Specialist
Stephanie Maltby, Fleet Administration Specialist

Traverse City, MI

Stephanie Maltby has been leading the United Way campaign at her Traverse City headquarters the past seven years and she credits her grandmother for instilling a sense of service at a young age. “Giving back has always been a part of who I am,” she says. She coordinates a breakfast kick-off and silent auction of parking spaces/ gift baskets for employees at her location. Her favorite part is making personal connections with employees and educating them about the myriad of organizations United Way supports.

“When I can get someone new to participate who hasn’t in the past, it’s a big win for the community.”

Start your own United Way campaign today. Click to learn more about United Way.