An Inside Look at Consumers Energy’s Hydroelectric Generators

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Did you know Michigan residents are never more than six miles from a fresh body of water? Water not only keeps us hydrated, but keeps the lights on in some homes and businesses. One of Michigan’s premier renewable energy sources, we provide hydroelectric power through operating 13 hydroelectric plants along five waterways. See below to learn how our hydroelectric generators produce enough electricity for 70,000 customers.


Harnessing Hydroelectric Power in Six Steps

Step 1: Water in the reservoir travels through the intake and penstock.

Step 2: Incoming water spins the turbine and turns the generator shaft.

Step 3: The generator shaft and rotor spin magnets past the stator, creating electricity.

Step 4: Wires inside the stator collect electricity and condense it into a large power line.

Step 5: Electricity is taken from the power line to a transformer to step up voltage.

Step 6: Electricity travels from the power house to power lines and towers outside of the dam to power homes and businesses.

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