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Before pursuing gas distribution, Jodi Duffield served in the Marine Corps for four years. After her service, she decided to join our team as meter reader then as a gas lines worker. Going on her 11th year at Consumers Energy, she is proud to say she absolutely loves her work because of the impact she makes on our customers. Her role is to help customers save energy and money by providing access to natural gas service and ensuring they stay safe from natural gas hazards. Below, Jodi explains how she is providing safe, reliable energy for natural gas customers across Michigan.

What does Count On Us mean to you?

I trust our slogan because it is limitless. No matter the weather or situation, our customers should feel confident that we will Employee-Spotlight_Jodi-Duffield_8-14be there when they need us.

What makes Consumers Energy unique?

Our company is unique because of its commitment towards safety. The push for safety is apparent on all levels. I am thankful that, if it comes a time where a job seems unsafe, management will put our project on hold to figure out how to do the work safely.  By keeping employees safe, we are able to keep our customers safe.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

As a crew leader, I am responsible for keeping our crews and customers are safe from hazards. Our crews engage in a tailboard conference program at the start of every job to discuss possible safety hazards. Open communication allows us to work better and safer as a team.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day is a new location, a new job and a different scenario. As a gas line worker, my responsibilities include fixing gas leaks, repairing damages and putting in new construction business services.

Currently, we are working on a Customer Attachment Program (CAP) where we are building a gas main extension to bring natural gas service to new customers. The project involves putting in approximately one mile of four inch plastic gas main into the ground to reach 16 new customers.

What is the best advice you ever received?

Someone once told me that my job is not a race, but a marathon. The same way that you would train for a marathon, we should take that into our everyday life. It’s not about rushing through every single thing that we do, but slowing down, preparing and enjoying every moment of it.

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