The Intern Challenge: Parnall Power Posse Energizes Kids to Learn

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The Intern Challenge is in full swing and local communities are already seeing the impact made by Consumers Energy interns.

Members of Consumers Energy’s Intern Challenge team, Parnall Power Posse, at Jackson’s 22nd annual Learning Fair: (top) James Corcoran, (bottom-left) Niesha Bland, (bottom-center) Kirthi Duraiswamy & (bottom-right) Daniel Blair.

Last week, the Parnall Power Posse hosted a booth at the 22nd annual Learning Fair in Jackson to teach children how energy is delivered to their homes. The two-day free event, outside the Ella Sharp Museum, is one of Jackson County’s largest and longest running outdoor educational fairs. Local businesses and organizations host activities and demonstrations at the fair to get kids excited about learning.

“We built a model wind turbine that was connected to a house, so when the kids turned the turbine, the house lit up,” said Sean Corcoran, Renewable Energy Intern. “We also constructed a diagram to demonstrate how the natural gas plants in Michigan work.” Corcoran adds that the most memorable part of the volunteer experience was seeing kids get excited about energy technology.

Choosing to work with the Jackson Learning Fair was an easy decision for the Parnall Power Posse. Group member Dan Blair volunteered at the event previously and was invited back again by event organizers.

Parnall Power Posse
Parnall Power Posse’s model wind turbine and natural gas display at the 22nd annual Learning Fair in Jackson, MI.

The Parnall Power Posse consists of the following Consumers Energy interns: Benjamin Childs, James (Sean) Corcoran, Emily Cook, Kaylie Bohn, Dan Blair, Tobin Tarantowski, Nick Clark, Neil Damani, Niesha Bland, Sean (Rourke) Carroll and Kirthi Duraiswamy. They plan to extend their volunteer efforts with Jackson’s Department on Aging later this month to better serve those of all ages.

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