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Colleen Satkowiak is motivated to come to work everyday knowing that we are there for our customers during critical times. She proudly serves as the Electric System Operations & Maintenance (ESOM) Zone Manager for Southwest Michigan and oversees all aspects of electric delivery to our customers including restoration, investigations and new business.

Full Name: Colleen SatkowiakEmployee-Spotlight_Colleen

Position: Electric System Operations & Maintenance (ESOM) Zone Manager

Service Length: 15 Years

What is your role with the company? 

I currently have responsibility for electric system operations & maintenance (ESOM). There are four ESOM managers in Michigan and I’m the ESOM zone manager for the Southwest region working out of Battle Creek. My responsibilities are the overall electric lines including restoration, investigations and new business – basically, all aspects on how we serve our customers.

What does “Count on Us” mean to you? 

When you say “Count on Us,” I think about the reasons that customers count on us. I think what customers find valuable is seeing us during those tough times. They appreciate our response in the times of emergency and times that are critical to them.

That is unique about our company. We all get paid to come to work, but when our employees go out to help customers during tough times because they genuinely care, that’s what makes our business unique.

What does your typical day look like?

There is no typical day. If we didn’t have an electric disruption causing us to go into restoration mode, I would be going to one of my five headquarters to answer questions the crews might have and share my insight as to things we should be focusing on to better improve our business and service to our customers.

And then it’s any day-to-day stuff. Driving out and making sure that I am positioning my leadership with information they [the crews] need to make necessary improvements. I always make sure I’m commending first line employees on things they are doing really well – especially when it comes to estimated restoration time. We’ve really empowered our employees on that this past year. I want to make sure our employees know how valuable that information is to our customers.

That being said, our employees are valuable too, but we’re all here to serve our customers.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I would say the introduction to new technology. Although our employees are very technically savvy with their current technology, the challenge is going the extra mile to have our employees understand the new technology customers want.

What is the best advice you have ever received.

I’ve always struggled with failure. My motivation to read about leadership was because of that. I’ve learned now that failure is a part of success. The challenge is teaching my kids that now.

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