‘Energy in Education’ Event Equips Teachers With Energy Knowledge and Safety

energy in education

In order to provide better energy education to students in the communities we serve, we must go right to the source – our educators. On Tuesday, June 25, 2015, 21 fourth to eighth grade teachers from the Great Lakes Bay area attended our first ‘Energy in Education’ free professional development day at our Karn Weadock Plant in Essexville, MI.

Teachers were able to engage with Consumers Energy experts to learn how electricity is made with coal, wind and waterappParticipants even had the chance to generate their own electricity using a hand crank or bike generator. The hands-on experience was designed to show teachers how electricity is generated and the energy requirements for different types of bulbs. Along with their experiences at the Karn Weadock Plant, teachers received information on how to download our FREE EmPOWERed Kids app and resources available on our website to utilize in their classrooms.

Did you know?

The earliest record of electricity was made by Thales.  He unknowingly discovered static electricity about 600 BC when rubbing amber (a material created by fossilized tree sap) against silk.

EmPOWERed Kids is officially endorsed by the Michigan Department of Education. Request a free presentation for your classroom.

For more information on future ‘Energy in Education’ Days, email us at  education@cmsenergy.com.