CMS Energy Honors Employees for Ethics in Action Awards

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It’s a tradition for CMS Energy to recognize employees who do the right thing. On Oct. 22., three groups of employees and eight individuals received praise from CMS Energy’s companywide Ethics in Action awards. CMS Energy is the parent company of Consumers Energy. Their commitment to ethical practices, supporting our compliance program and emphasizing a company culture of integrity put them on the map for this year’s honors.

Jackson, Mich. Facility Receives Grand Prize

Employees at the Laboratory Services at Trail Street facility in Jackson, Mich. earned the grand prize from the Ethics in Action awards. By obtaining top honors, the facility has the opportunity to choose a local nonprofit organization to receive a $5,000 grant from the company. The Lab Services at Trail Street facility:

  • Analyzes water and soil samples for environmental compliance
  • Conducts stack emission testing
  • Regulates a wide range of testing equipment
  • Performs radiography, materials property testing and failure analysis

CMS Energy Honors Finalists

The Dearborn Industrial Generation (DIG) and Consumers Energy’s Zeeland Generating Station were recognized as finalists for the Ethics in Action awards. The facilities will select local nonprofits to receive $1,000 grants.

Individual Ethics in Action Award Winners

Individual employee winners earned plaques and personal congratulations from senior management, as well as the chance to select a nonprofit organization to receive a $250 grant. Congratulations to these eight employees for their ethics and acts of integrity:

  • Don Idzior, Principal Engineer
  • Kim Jebb, Support Services Lead
  • Keith Smith, Electric Service Worker
  • Richard Snyder, Gas Construction Manager III
  • Brad Steere, Business Support Consultant II
  • James Walker, Senior Engineer Lead
  • Jimmy Whitford, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Leon Wysocki, Senior Employee Development Consultant Lead

Check out our 2014 Accountability Report, as part of our promise to deliver value and transparency to Michigan.

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