“Tell Your Story” Facebook Contest: Joel Woods at Consumers Energy

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Consumers Energy employees care for our Michigan communities. Joel Woods, a senior technician in Bay City, Mich., enjoys volunteering for the School District of Bay City Watch Dogs Program. Check out his volunteer story:

Joel Woods and his foster daughter.
Joel Woods and his foster daughter.

“Me and my wife have a foster daughter living with us. She is actually my wife’s cousin, whose mom lost custody of her. We took her in so she didn’t have to go into the system. We then became licensed foster care workers. We immediately became involved in her life, activities and school.

Hampton Elementary has a program called the Watch Dogs. It is a program designed around getting positive male role models into the school and spending the day there:

  • Tutoring kids
  • Helping out during class
  • Watching recess
  • Being visible as a male role model 

Many kids sadly have never had a positive male role model in their lives. Our foster daughter is included in that group. It is a really big deal when you are the student who has a Watch Dog at school. It brought my foster daughter and me much closer– it was the first time she gave me a hug and held my hand. Very rewarding program that does a lot to help kids out, especially ones who do not have a positive male role model in their lives.”

Vote for your favorite “Tell Your Story” contestant on Consumers Energy’s Facebook page. The winner will be determined by the highest amount of likes, comments and shares on each volunteer’s video. Voting ends Nov. 21 at noon.

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  1. Well done Joel. An excellent example of leadership and making a difference in the community one child at a time.


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