“Tell Your Story” Facebook Contest: Janis Kendall at Consumers Energy

Consumers Energy employees care for our Michigan communities. Janis Kendall, a business technology systems integrator in Jackson, Mich., enjoys volunteering at Deacon’s Closet. Check out her volunteer story:

“Five years ago, I had no way of knowing how my personal coupon hobby would eventually have global impact. At the time, I simply appreciated a good bargain, and I was happy to teach others how to benefit from these techniques. 

Janis uses couponing to provide supplies to communities across the globe.
Janis uses couponing to provide supplies to communities across the globe.

As my coupon network grew, we realized we had a surplus of supplies that we could share with others. We found people in our community who were in need and grateful to receive these everyday living products that significantly decreased their personal expenses. This included supplying products to various community organizations that provide for the homeless and less fortunate of our community.

Beyond our own community, we’ve also provided supplies for disaster recovery in Haiti, and additional resources have made their way to Guinea, West Africa and New Zealand. A few months ago we learned of refugee families from Burma and Nepal who recently arrived in Chicago. By applying coupon strategies, my coupon network has filled “kits” that equip these refugee families to set up their homes as they adjust to their new life in Chicago. 

The out-of-pocket expense for a basic, one-family kit is $500, but couponing allows us to provide the same kit for approximately $50-$75. Generally, we’ve been able to take our own financial resources, as well as each year’s VIP reward, and multiply the money ten-fold to not only help people in our community, but to also help people around the globe. We feel blessed and honored to participate in this service.” 

Vote for your favorite “Tell Your Story” contestant on Consumers Energy’s Facebook page. The winner will be determined by the highest amount of likes, comments and shares on each volunteer’s video. Voting ends Nov. 21 at noon.


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  1. THis is an amazing ministry. I have seen how this helps people in our community and elsewhere. Janice is able to double and triple the resources by her careful skil at couponing ,making it able to help many people. I makes me excited to watch it work to supply resources to those in need.


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