Consumers Energy Named Top 15 Most Sustainable Energy Providers Worldwide

It’s official– Consumers Energy is ranked among the top energy providers in the world for sustainable environmental, social and economic practices! According to Sustainalytics, a leading global research firm that measures sustainable business practices for investors, we ranked number 14 out of 226 worldwide.

Protecting Michigan’s People and Natural Resources

Our Promise is to care for the Michigan communities we serve. Consumers Energy is committed to sustainability by:

  • Improving Air and Water Quality

Michigan’s air is the cleanest it has been in a generation, thanks in part to reduced emissions from the company’s power plants. We will continue to reduce carbon emissions by more than 20 percent and mercury by 80 percent. Consumers Energy also plans to reduce its water intensity by 20 percent by 2020.

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  • Developing Renewable Energy

Consumers Energy will open its second wind farm, Cross Winds® Energy Park, this fall. The addition should help us generate 10 percent of its electricity from renewable sources a year ahead of schedule. The company has more than 200 contracts with Michigan homes and businesses that provide solar energy. Consumers Energy also started an anaerobic digester program with Michigan farms this year.

  • Caring for Communities

Employees, retirees, the company and foundation gave more than $8 million to Michigan nonprofits last year. Employees led a record Walk for Warmth campaign this spring and donated 50,000 hours of community service last year to local charities and non-profits. The company is also supporting various United Way organizations this fall.

Consumers Energy holds sustainability efforts near and dear. We want to leave Michigan a better place than we found it, for generations to come.