Michigan Businesses to Benefit from Consumers Energy’s Smart Energy Program

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Smart Meters will roll out across Michigan by 2017.
Smart meters will roll out across Michigan by 2017.

Michigan residents are gearing up for the exciting smart meter upgrade—and so are businesses! The Smart Energy Program will enhance the way businesses keep an eye on their energy use, monthly bills and energy efficiency.

Smart Energy is Smart Business

Beginning January 2015, we will be installing smart meters to Michigan businesses. The new technology will help you:

  • Manage your monthly bill
  • Understand your business’ energy usage with our web portal
  • Save energy for your business with energy efficiency tips
  • Keep your business running– Consumers Energy will be notified immediately when your power is out so we can respond faster

Myths Vs. Facts: Consumers Energy’s Smart Meter Myths Debunked


Check out how our smart meters work for your business below:


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