Consumers Energy Prepares for Severe Weather in Michigan, Includes Storm Prep Tips

When multiple storms hit Michigan, our employees come together to ensure a timely restoration process for our customers. This includes taking all appropriate safety steps to turn your power back on safely. Consumers Energy employees are equipping for Wednesday’s storm so we can respond quickly and efficiently.

10 Tips to Prepare for Severe Weather

You can get ready for the next severe storm right from your own home. Prep your family for upcoming storms with these 10 tips:

  1. Have a three-day supply of water, non-perishable food and medication available for all members of your household including pets.
  2. Keep flashlights, a portable radio and extra batteries handy.
  3. Have first aid kits for your home and car.
  4. Develop a plan so you can stay in touch with your family in a disaster. Be sure each family member has a copy of your communication plan.
  5. Have your home’s furnace checked by a professional to make sure it is in safe working order.
  6. Install a carbon monoxide alarm on each level of your home. If you already have a carbon monoxide alarm, change or test the batteries regularly.
  7. When installing a generator, make sure it’s connected by a licensed electrician for the safety of utility crews and first responders.
  8. If the power does go out, avoid traveling through hazardous areas and always stay at least 25 feet away from downed power lines and anything a downed wire might be touching.
  9. You can report all downed power lines and safety hazards to Consumers Energy and your local 911 center.
  10. Check out the Consumers Energy outage map to report an outage and check for restoration updates at

How do we restore power?

After a storm, Consumers Energy crews work swiftly to protect the public and restore service to our customers. We decide who to restore first based on:

  • Public safety

Our crews are first sent to areas of safety concerns such as downed wires and also to restoring service to emergency response departments and hospitals.

  • Consumers Energy substations and circuits

Our crews repair substations and circuits, which impact large areas and will restore service to the largest number of customers

  • Individual Neighborhoods

Our crews are sent to individual neighborhoods to complete repairs for smaller numbers of customers

 If anyone in your family depends on electric powered life-support equipment, prescribed by a doctor,

please visit the American Red Cross Identification Program for additional help.

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