Consumers Energy offers 6 Safety Tips to Protect Your Children

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. From the belly to the beginning of college, we understand the importance of teaching safe lifestyles to shape your children’s futures. Consumers Energy wants to celebrate National Baby Safety Month with helpful safety tips to protect your child at home.

Consumers Energy Knows Family

Our company is a huge proponent of family, especially when it comes to safety. From our family to yours, check out six safety tips to protect your children:

  1. Keep Climbable Furniture Away from Windows

As the September air becomes crisp, your family can save money on your energy bill by opening windows at night to cool your home. However, window screens will not prevent a fall from happening. Be sure to block any open windows so children cannot access them. You may also look into hiring a professional to properly install window guards.

  1. Install Outlet Covers and Cord Shorteners

Prevent small children from touching electrical outlets by installing outlet covers in your home. Cord shorteners will also eliminate the possibility of your children pulling on electrical cords. If any cords look damaged or are frayed, be sure to stop using them immediately.

  1. Unplug and Store Electric Appliances

When finished with appliances like curling irons, hair dryers, flat irons and electric razors make sure to unplug them and store them in an area children cannot access. This will prevent burns or other injuries from occurring.

  1. Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

If your home uses gas heat, it is especially important to install a carbon monoxide detector to protect your entire family from poisoning. Learn more on how to prevent carbon monoxide.

  1. Have a Chemical Fire Extinguisher

In the case of an electrical fire, it’s important not to use water to extinguish it. Since water conducts electricity, using it will cause a fire to become larger. Have a chemical fire extinguisher handy to get rid of an electrical fire properly. If the fire is becoming too dangerous to put out, leave your home immediately and call the fire department.

  1. Prep Before a Storm

Below is a helpful guide for your entire family before a storm. Be sure to add baby food, a diaper bag and any medications your children may need. Check out additional information on the American Red Cross Identification Program for anyone in your family that depends on electric powered life-support equipment, prescribed by a doctor.