Consumers Energy Speeds Up Smart Meter Upgrades Across Michigan

Smart-Energy_8-28_fbWe are proud to announce that 1.8 million electric meters and 600,000 natural gas meters will be updated in Michigan two years earlier than originally planned! By 2017, homes and businesses will have the luxury of using a smart meter to:

  • Enhance bill accuracy
  • Eliminate the need for physical meter reads
  • Track energy use
  • Manage energy efficiency
  • Predict monthly bills

By 2016, Consumers Energy also plans to enhance its outage management system where meters send automatic notifications during power outages so we can begin storm repairs faster.

Myths Vs. Facts: Consumers Energy’s Smart Meter Myths Debunked

How Will I Know When I Get A Smart Meter?

Consumers Energy will notify you of future meter upgrades by sending a large blue informational postcard 30 days before the switch. You don’t need to be home during the meter replacement; however, you may call to make an appointment.

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