Consumers Energy Reducing Water use 17 Percent by 2017, Offers 7 tips to Save at Home

Water feeds the cycle of life– shouldn’t we make it our mission to protect it? The United States recognizes August as National Water Quality Month. This tribute is a time to reflect on the importance of water conservation and what steps to take in order to enhance its quality for generations to come.

Consumers Energy Improves Water Quality in Michigan

We take steps every day to preserve and monitor water quality in the Great Lakes and throughout Michigan rivers. Consumers Energy is also promoting sustainability by reducing our water use 17 percent by 2017. Consumers Energy is improving water quality in your community by:

  • Adding silt fencing on projects that require diffing to reduce sediment from entering into a body of water
  • Using dewatering filter bags to remove sediment or debris when reducing water in a construction hole
  • Seeding and mulching stream banks if we expose soil to ensure growth on bare soil and avoid runoff into streams or wetlands.

7 Tips to Keep Water Sustainable

You can prevent water pollution and enhance water conservation from your own home by adding these 7 tips to your every day routine:

  1. When cleaning outside, sweep instead of using a hose
  2. Collect rainwater in bins and use it on your garden
  3. Fix leaks that drop from cars and use liners to collect unwanted oil in your driveway
  4. Avoid putting anything but water down your storm drain
  5. Don’t flush medications down the toilet
  6. Store and dispose household chemicals properly
  7. Use pesticides or chemical fertilizers as little as possible

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