Myths vs. Facts: Consumers Energy’s Smart Meter Myths Debunked

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Smart meters are rolling out across Michigan! Consumers Energy customers, Linda and Ken McKenney, are enjoying the benefits of their smart meter, newly installed in May. The two-way communication capabilities of smart meters enhance the meter read accuracy and help the McKenney’s to better understand their energy use.

But what are they most looking forward to? The future for smart meters. Not only will the meters be able to send automatic notifications to Consumers Energy during power outages, but additional programs will be created to help customers save money.

Myths vs. Facts

Although 80 percent of smart meter customers like the McKenney’s reported being satisfied with Consumers Energy, not everyone is as convinced of the benefits. Compare the top myths and facts about smart energy:

  • Myth #1: Smart meters create potential health dangers

The Truth: The radio frequencies used to transmit a smart meter’s data are equal to sending one text message per day. This number is well below the guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission and meets the appropriate federal health and safety regulations.

  • Myth #2: Smart meters are surveillance devices that give others access to personal data.

The Truth: All information transmitted to and from the meter is protected by Consumers Energy’s private, secure network. In addition, the meter only contains usage and operational information. No personal customer information can be detected from the meter.

  • Myth #3: Smart meters can track, monitor and shut off specific electronic devices.

The Truth: Meters cannot turn off appliances at will or even detect specific electronic devices. However, future smart meter programs may allow customers to track their energy use, only if they choose to participate.

Smart Energy

The McKenney’s are thrilled to add smart meters to their home of 36 years. Check out the map to see when smart meters will be rolled out in your area.

Read more information on Consumers Energy’s Smart Energy Program

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