Always On: Day in the Life of a Consumers Energy System Controller


Keeping the lights on 24/7 is a top priority for Brenda Bard. As a system controller at Consumers Energy, she takes pride in helping deliver the energy Michigan customers need, whenever they need it. In an average day, Brenda can:

Restore Customers after a Storm

After storms, Brenda works to restore customers by troubleshooting and directing the orders needed to repair High Voltage Distribution lines and substations.

Run Scheduled Power Outages

During scheduled outages, Brenda directs orders for the removal and restoration of High Voltage Distribution lines and substations. Consumers Energy must safely remove equipment from service in order to maintain and replace the equipment on a system.  This can include High Voltage Distribution lines poles, conductor or equipment located in substations. This may also include preventative maintenance and routine testing of equipment.

Schedule Maintenance for Substations and Transmission Lines

Maintaining equipment is important in Consumers Energy’s substations to provide continual service to customers. Performing regular maintenance or replacing equipment requires a job to perform the work—a job scheduled by Brenda. This also includes High Voltage Distribution lines. Poles age and need to be replaced over time, along with other equipment we utilize on the High Voltage Distribution lines. This type of work helps ensure safe and timely service to our customers.

VIDEO featuring Brenda Bard as a system controller at Consumers Energy.