Consumers Energy’s Budget Plan Allows Michigan Residents to Manage Bills Predictably During All Seasons

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As spring transitions to summer in Michigan, we’re encouraging residents and businesses to manage their energy bills for all seasons by enrolling in the monthly Budget Plan.

BudgetPlanThis free resource will help deliver a predictable bill and avoid surprises when Michigan weather leads to higher energy use during extreme temperatures.

  • The Budget Plan works by evening out bill payments over time. Instead of paying more when energy use is highest – such as during the recent extremely cold winter – residents or businesses pay a set monthly amount
  • More than 300,000 Consumers Energy homes and businesses are enrolled in the Budget Plan today
  • Enrollment is free and the plan fits any lifestyle

June is the ideal time for customers who use natural gas to enroll because it is the first month of the Budget Plan year. Electric-only customers will benefit most by signing up in October. Enroll today by visiting or calling (800) 477-5050. Budget Plan FAQs

Residents and business owners also can streamline their bill paying by coordinating the Budget Plan with Consumers Energy’s Direct Pay or online debit and credit card payment options. Customers who choose the Direct Pay service can receive their energy bill electronically via e-mail or receive a paper bill. Learn more at

We’re working hard to keep the price of natural gas and electricity low for the Michigan residents we serve. We offer many ways to pay and will work with anyone who needs assistance to pay their bill.

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