Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge Helps Move Communities to Self-Sufficiency

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The-ChallengeFor the second year, we are co-sponsoring the “Community Transformation” competition with The Heat and Warmth fund (THAW) as part of the Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. The competition encourages innovative solutions to move income-qualified individuals and communities toward self-sufficiency.

“We are thrilled to support the development of innovative ideas in the social sector, especially collaborations that improve quality of life for those living in at-risk communities,” said Patti Poppe, Vice President of Customer Experience, Rates and Regulation.

  • The Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge invites individuals and teams to submit plans for an emerging idea or existing venture with a sustainable solution to a clearly defined social problem in areas including, but not limited to, chronic unemployment, health and nutrition, the environment, urban revitalization, and education.
  • Participants will compete for more than $60,000 in prizes. Competition finalists will be granted admission to Michigan Corps’ Impact Investment Fellowship, a four-month training institute to ready top social entrepreneurs for investment at and above the $50,000 level.

As of March 6, social entrepreneurs from across the state were able to register for the competition. Applicants will be eligible to attend online classes, neighborhood tours and networking events to support the development of their submission before the May 30, 2014 deadline. A statewide Social Entrepreneurship Showcase & Summit Event will take place in June to announce winners and celebrate social innovation across Michigan.

Learn more and register for the competition at http://michigancorps.org/TheChallenge

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