Bullock Creek Schools Get $126,360 Rebate for Energy Efficiency

BullockCrkEEBullock Creek School District in Midland is the latest Michigan organization to benefit from energy efficiency programs offered by Consumers Energy.

The district received an incentive rebate check for $126,360 after making upgrades at its middle school, elementary schools, and high school to reduce electric and natural gas use. As a result, the school district will save about $97,000 in energy each year.

Bullock Creek Elementary, Floyd Elementary, Pine River Elementary, Bullock Creek Middle School, and Bullock Creek High School all received energy saving upgrades.

“Receiving these incentives to upgrade our facilities and provide energy cost reductions year after year lets us apply more resources to our main mission, providing high-quality education to our community,” said Charlie Schwedler, Bullock Creek superintendent of schools. “The incentive program has resulted in a true win-win for our district.” MEDIA: WNEM TV 5 and Midland Daily News

Since 2009, many schools and other businesses across Michigan have received energy efficiency rebates under the Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act of 2008. Learn more about 2014 rebates from Consumers Energy and apply for project incentives.

Case Studies: Flushing Community Schools, Szikszay Family Farm, Community Hospital Services and Battle Creek Water Park.