Keeping Kids Safe Around the Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us! It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends. It’s also a good time to review some safety tips to help keep your family safe.

This time of year builds excitement in a lot of people, especially children. With all of the bright colored, shiny decorations around, some children may find it difficult to keep their hands to themselves. Try to keep fragile ornaments up where they can’t be reached. Always remember to check lights and cords to ensure they have no fraying or damage. Remember to never put cords under furniture or rugs.

Winter break marks a time for kids to sit at home and play video games, watch TV and frolic in the snow all day. Be sure to review your household rules and safety tips with your children including first aid, fire safety, the importance of bundling up before going out in the cold, and what to do during a storm.

Lastly, with temperatures taking a dip, people are inclined to turn to portable heaters and fireplaces to help stay warm. Remember to keep heaters away from furniture, curtains and clothing.

If your home has a gas fireplace, be sure to talk with children about the 3 Rs of natural gas safety: recognize the smell of “rotten eggs”, react by leaving the home and going to a safe place, and report by calling Consumers Energy at (800) 477-5050 or 911.

WATCH VIDEO: Electric and Natural Gas Safety for Kids


For more tips, games and activities designed to keep children safe, visit

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season from Consumers Energy!

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