Hunt Safe This November, Consumers Energy Property Off Limits

As opening day nears for Michigan’s popular firearm deer season, we’re reminding everyone that hunting is not allowed on Consumers Energy property.

The ban protects the safety of neighbors, utility workers and others. It also addresses the concerns of neighboring landowners that irresponsible hunters will use Consumers Energy property to trespass.

We are asking everyone to help keep this a safe hunting season and asking sportsmen and sportswomen to remember that Consumers Energy property is private land, not public property.

AUDIO: Mike Williams, Consumers Energy’s director of corporate security, talks about the hunting ban. BROCHURE: “A Guide to Consumers Energy Land: To Our Michigan Neighbors,” provides information for landowners, developers and others on use of Consumers Energy property.

If you observe anyone hunting on utility land, or damage or vandalism, please contact local law enforcement or Consumers Energy’s corporate security office at 1-800-760-3295.

Consumers Energy offers cash rewards of varying amounts for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who damage company equipment or property.
Special hunting provisions apply to Consumers Energy-owned lands bordering its Au Sable, Manistee and Muskegon river hydroelectric plant reservoirs, where hunting is permitted. 

Constructing blinds, target shooting, baiting, burning and fire pits are strictly prohibited on all company lands. The cost of removing blinds from utility property is charged to the blinds’ owners.

In addition, the use of dirt bikes, ATVs and other off-road vehicles is not allowed on utility property due to the risk of resource damage, danger to drivers and passengers and damage to utility equipment.

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