Preparing for Zombies and Bad Weather in Michigan

Consumers Energy crews are ready for outages this Halloween – via storms or zombies.

Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or Mother Nature’s fury, Consumers Energy is on the watch and preparing for possible power outages. Here are some tips to help make your Halloween safe this year.

With thunderstorms, high winds and heavy rain forecast across Lower Michigan, Consumers Energy is reminding parents and others accompanying the costumed youngsters to exercise caution on slippery surfaces created by wet leaves covering yards, sidewalks and driveways as well as possible downed wires and tree limbs resulting from the forecasted rough weather. Children should avoid neighborhoods which appear to be without electricity as downed wires also may be in the vicinity.

Meanwhile, Consumers Energy is closely monitoring the weather and has crews ready to quickly respond to any power outages caused by the storms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers these tips to Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse.

Some important tips to help you prepare for a storm include:

  • Charge electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops, and have fresh batteries flashlights and weather radios.
  • Have a three-day supply of water and non-perishable food, and don’t forget a first aid kit or any prescription medication.
  • Stay at least 25 feet from any downed lines and assume every line is “live” and dangerous. Do not touch anything a power line may be touching, including trees, fences, other debris and puddles.
  • Report any downed wires by calling 9-1-1 or Consumers Energy at 1-800-477-5050.
  • If flooding or another disaster should occur, check for the “rotten egg” odor of natural gas. If you think you smell odor, leave the area right away and call 1-800-477-5050.  Remember to replace any appliance submerged in water.

Additional storm and power outage information is available at Consumers Energy’s newly updated online outage center at If you do lose power, call us at 1-800-477-5050 or report the outage via at The map is accessible via both desktop computer and mobile devices.