Ahoy – Call 811 Before You Dig – Arrr!

Click above to take a Pirate adventure and dig safely!

In honor of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” Sept. 19, we encourage you to watch the Call 811 Pirate Video. Join Jenny and Michael as they use a special spy glass and pirate guide to learn how to spot underground utilities and dig safely.

Perhaps folks are not looking for buried treasure, but homeowners and others may be digging to plant trees or install a mailbox, fence or deck.

Viewers learn how flags and paint help mark underground lines for water, electricity, natural gas, cable TV and more. Red identifies electricity, and yellow marks natural gas. WATCH VIDEO

“Talk Like a Pirate Day” is officially celebrated in Michigan. State legislators approved a resolution earlier this year from Sen. Roger Kahn, R-Saginaw Twp.

Whether you are in the city ARRR the country, some things need to stay buried. Always Call 811 before you dig and know what’s underground.