Tips to Beat the Heat in Michigan

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It’s hot, hot, hot in Michigan. Extreme heat can place severe demands on not only the state’s electric system, but also on you and your health. Use the following information and resources to help conserve electricity and your own personal energy during severe heat.  Michigan cooling centers and 211.

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Cool Alternatives to Beat the Heat

Most public places are air-conditioned and can offer a fun way to beat the heat while you conserve electricity. Why not try out some of these ideas during the afternoon and early evening hours.

  • See a movie during the afternoon or early evening
  • Visit your public library and read a book while you’re there
  • Browse the stores in your local mall or shops
  • Eat out and get some cool food in a cool environment
  • Invite friends to your air-conditioned home and ask them to turn up their thermostat before they leave their home

What to do Before You Leave Home for the Day

Before you leave your home for the day, follow these quick steps to conserve valuable electricity during extreme heat.

  • Set thermostat at 78°F or higher during the day
  • Close registers in unused rooms and close curtains, drapes and blinds
  • Temporarily turn off or set your electric water heater to 120°F
  • Unplug water beds, pool filters, hot tubs and other nonessential appliances

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