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Most of us like predictability. The car will start in the morning. The weather will be as planned for the beach weekend. My child will apply themselves in school and move onto the next grade – eventually leaving the nest.

Consumers Energy customers looking for predictable bills can benefit by enrolling in the monthly Budget Plan.

Under Consumers Energy’s Budget Plan, you take the guesswork out of your monthly bill by paying the same amount each time. The monthly amount is based on past energy usage, fuel costs and projected temperatures. Nearly 400,000 Consumers Energy customers are enrolled in the Budget Plan, including 5,000 business customers.

“The Budget Plan is popular because it offers customers predictable utility bills by paying the same amount each month. Paying a set amount allows customers to help manage their family or business budget,” said Doug Detterman, Consumers Energy’s executive manager of customer operations.

While the exact amount will vary from customer to customer, the Budget Plan monthly payment for an average residential electric plan amount will be $91, and the average residential natural gas plan amount will be $80. Consumers Energy’s natural gas fuel costs have dropped by about 12 percent compared to one year ago. You must have your bill payments current in order to enroll.

You can enroll in the Budget Plan at, or by calling 1-800-477-5050 and using the automated voice system options, or by talking with a customer service representative.

Those who want to simplify their life even more can coordinate the Budget Plan with our free and convenient Direct Pay or online recurring debit and credit card payment options.

When you choose the Direct Pay service, you get your predicted energy bill electronically via an email link. Then payment is deducted automatically each month from your financial account or debit/credit card making energy payments easier in two ways. Enroll at

“Customers who pay their Consumers Energy bill electronically make it easier on themselves and the environment,” said Detterman. “Using our eBill service saves you a trip to the mailbox. It’s convenient and saves on postage and paper. These are just two examples of how we’re helping you to have the energy you need whenever you need it.”

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